Epson Printer Support

Epson Printer Support

Being one of the top printers in the world, We have never failed in providing the best Epson printer support.

Epson Printer Support That We Provide

  • Driver download – We guide you in downloading the proper download of the driver
  • Troubleshooting – We’ll make sure that the troubles on your printer are solved
  • Printer setup – setting up your printer will be a piece of cake with us by your side
  • Wireless and hardware setup – we know that wiring troubles you, so we assist you in connecting to the printer wirelessly
  • Any other Epson Printer support – our team actively provides a solution to any issue or queries regarding your Epson printer
Epson Printer Support Offers

Printer Models

Epson provides printing solutions for both your house as well as office.

Printer Models at the Workplace

Below are the printers that Epson provides significantly for office printing jobs

  • WorkForce Printer – These printers help you accomplish your print job at the office in just a few seconds
  • WorkForce Pro Printers – Enjoy printing lots of documents at a very low cost
  • Point-of-sale printersBest-selling POS receipt printers lead the sector with easy-to-use characteristics, quick speeds of printing and superior reliability
  • ColorWorks commercial label printers – Best-in-class label printing solutions, regardless of what your sector needs
  • Pro imaging Printers – Create amazing picture prints and company presentations in professional quality with wide format
  • Impact printers – These printers provide text and graphics precision, robust reliability and performance in demand
  • DiscProducer PrintersFinish for your business, organization or business department with affordable, easy desktop disk publishing and printing solutions

Residential purpose printers

You can save huge by using Epson printers at home.

Expression Printers

Find all-in-one, fully functioning, compact and versatile expression printers with Windows compatibility and Mac compatibility for the whole family

PictureMate Printers

Printing and sharing our small format 4 “x 6” printers instantly with professional-quality prints without a computer

Label Works Label Printers

Get organized with the family of handheld label printers and share your creativity

SureColor P-series printers

Print photography of the highest quality, fine art, graphic printing and testing with production photographic printing

All-in-one printer

Epson printers also provide you with all in one printer. EcoTank All-in-One Supertank Printers help you save up to 90% of the cost on the ink cartridges. Additionally, 2 years of ink is what you get with this.

Epson Printer Setup

You can attach the printer to a Windows or a Mac device for printing documents from that system. All you need to do is, follow the steps in the Sub-sessions

Windows and Mac

Undergo the following steps exactly, in order to accomplish printer setup for Windows and Mac

  • ECPSU_1.41.exe is the link for Epson connect Printer setup utility. Navigate to a browser and type the above link to download the same
  • After the download is complete, click open the file to complete the installation. You will have to agree to certain terms and conditions of the Epson printer support
  • Agree by marking a checkmark to the box nearby I accept condition. Subsequently, click on next. In the next window, click on installand in then click on Finish. Choose your Epson printer, click Next
  • Register your printer, then again click Next. Choose Agree, then press next, subsequently. When you see the Epson Connect message, register printer and  click OK. Significantly, do one of the following.
  • If you are creating a new account, fill in the Create an Epson Connect Account form, then click Finish. If you are registering using the already present account, pick I already have the account, fill in the Add a fresh printer form, then press Add. Finally, click the Finish button

Epson Printer Driver Download

Many printer drivers, services and apps can be downloaded from the Epson Printer support website pages free of charge. This session describes how to find and download the Driver for your Epson printer from the website.

  • To begin with, open the browser that you prefer and navigate to On the top of the page, find the tab that has one of the options as Support
  • From the list of Epson printer that the Epson Printer supportdisplays, choose the model that you are using. As you type, one or more product matches will be suggested on the website
  • Right-click on the item from the list, then press Search. Subsequently, you will find the drivers and manuals session on your desktop or laptop
  • Before you download, cross-check the detection of the following. The Version of your Windows or Mac system. Also the printer model. In case, if you find a different version of the system that you are using, you can change it manually also
  • Click on the wrong detection, and find a list that drops down. Choose the respective version of the system that you are using. If the problem persists still, feel free to chat with our expers at the end. Alternately, if the detection is correct, just download the driver and install it to complete this step

Mobile Printing for Epson

Epson mobile printing gives you the greatest benefit of printing from anywhere. Which means you don’t have to use a wire as a link and this reduces the shagginess that occurs while using cables.

Mobile printing apps on Windows alone

The following are the apps that you can use on your Windows system

  • Android Print
  • Epson Creative Print App for Android
  • Epson iPrint App for Android

Mobile printing apps on Mac alone

The following are the apps that you can use on your Mac device

  • Apple AirPrint
  • Epson Creative Print App for iOS
  • Epson iPrint App for iOS

Other apps

You can complete printing using these apps on Windows as well as Mac devices. These support all types of OS

Epson Scan to Cloud

Google Cloud Print

Epson Remote Print

Amazon Fire Printing

Epson Email Print

Giving a Wi-Fi connection to the Epson Printer

Unlike other printers, Epson understands the needs of its consumers and provide the best Epson printer support to them. This includes guidance in connecting your Epson printer to any Wireless Network. Just abide blindly by the following to accomplish a successful completion

Before starting the configuration, you will need the following data about your wireless LAN:

  • SSID Security
  • Security Level setting mode
  • Password, if the network has any

To begin with, turn your Epson printer on and continue with the steps below

  • Enter the setup mode by touching the Settings option on the Epson Printer’s control panel. Do not switch off the power or unplug the printer while making control panel settings. Network setting may interrupt access while accessing the memory card
  • Subsequently, to highlight network settings, press the left or right arrow button. And to confirm it click the OK button. Additionally, use the Up or Down arrow button in Network Settings to show Wireless LAN Setup and select the OK option
  • Choose the Setup Wizard and then again on OK to complete the process. Now, click on the SSID or Network name of your choiceIt will ask you to enter the password to establish the connection. Type it and complete the wireless setup of the Epson printer

Epson Printer Troubleshooting

Unlike other printers, Epson printer troubleshooting is very simple. If you are facing any problem, understand what is the problem and look out for the appropriate solution in this blog.

Printer Unexpectedly Stops Printing

  • Try cleaning the heads of the Epson printer that is facing this problem
  • Also, try filling ink as there are chances for the ink to run out
  • Additionally, check for any errors on the printers control panel
  • If you find any error, report to the Epson printer support and get rid of them easily

Either the printer stays on or does not turn on

If the Pause light does not turn on and the initialization of the system does not begin even after pressing the Power button, seek the following alternatives to the issue

  • Turn off the printer and safely plug the energy cord into the printer
  • Make sure that your outlet works and that a wall switch or timer does not control it
  • Ensure that the voltage provided to the printer is in line with the rating voltage marked on the printer

If not, switch off the printer and immediately unplug the power cord

The printer does not print anything

  • This could happen if the printer is not connected properly to the system
  • The chances for this are in 2 cases, one is the failure of the driver and the other is no secure connection
  • If you remove the connection wire and connect it back again there are chances for this problem to easily vanish
  • Significantly make sure the printer that you are using is set to default printer in your system
  • Additionally, make sure you select the correct port if there are many ports on your system, be it Mac or Windows
Epson printer not printing

Incorrect printing, discarded characters or blank pages at the output

Clear from the Progress Meter any stalled print jobs for Windows. Turn off the printer and computer if the issue persists. Make sure the interface cable of the printer is safely plugged in

Wrong margins

  • Make sure that the margins are within the page’s printable region
  • See the Borderless setting in the Paper menu for Windows
  • Make sure the paper size you are using is correct
  • Ensure the position of the paper which also be set properly

Roll paper not ejecting properly

  • Rolling paper is tightly wounded and can feed on a curl
  • Before you load it, you must flatten it
  • In the Paper Configuration dialog box, select Starwheel-Roll Curled as the feed roller type

The image comes inverted in the output

  • Turn off the Horizontal Flip setting in the Advanced menu for Windows
  • For Mac OS X, in the Advanced Settings chosen in the Print dialog, turn off the horizontal flip setting

In case you have other queries based on the Epson printer support, our support will always be there for you.

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