How do I Connect Epson Printer to WiFi Network?

Connect Epson Printer to Wifi

You will be able to establish connect Epson printer to wifi setup utilizing the control panel and the operating system functions. Before using the printer to print you have to get the software like printer scanner and driver for the computer. When you are connecting the printer to the PC for the first time you have to install the software. You can get the essential software from the Epson official site.

Some of the Essential Requisite for Connect Epson Printer to Wifi Setup

  • Security Level Setting mode
  • SSID
  • Encryption key WEP or the passphrase
connect Epson Printer to wifi
connect Epson Printer to wifi

Using the Setup Wizard

Before you start connect Epson printer wifi to setup, check if the access point is on. The communication should be available.

  • Turn on the printer
    • You have to remember not to turn off the power or detach the plug when modifying settings on the control panel
    • Setting up the network while accessing the memory card will interrupt access
  • Key in the connect Epson printer wifi setup mode
    • Press Setup on the control panel
    • Tap the home button on the printer’s control panel if it is required. Choose setup and tap OK
  • Tap the left or right arrow till the network settings is highlighted. Click Ok
  • Select connect Epson printer wifi settings, you have to use up or down arrow button to get the wireless setup and tap OK
  • Choose setup wizard and tap OK
  • Choose the SSID that is the network name which you prefer to connect
  • On the router key input security key set. If the network is not secure you have to select None and continue with the next step

Setting up the Printer on the Wireless Network

Again before you begin this step you have to check if the point of access is turned on. See also if the communication is available or not.

  • Turn on the printer
  • Input the connect Epson printer wifi settings  mode
  • Tap the left or right arrow button and choose the network settings. Tap the OK button and choose it
  • Choose the wireless setup and tap OK
  • Go for the Advanced connect Epson printer wifi settings and tap OK
  • Choose the options manual setup/wireless setup and tap OK. Then you have to click OK to get the connection prompt
  • When you connect to the network through the wireless router you have to select Infrastructure mode
  • Choose the option Search SSID. If it is not available check if the point of access is available for communication
  • Choose the SSID which you would prefer to connect.
  • Choose the right security method and Tap OK. You will be able to see the None and WEP options. You will be required to choose the ‘Down’ button to get the WPA options. If the network is not secure you can select None and continue
  • In the router input security key
  • If you see confirm settings tap OK
  • After thirty seconds do the same thing and press OK
  • Now the connect Epson printer wifi network will be confirmed
  • you will also be able to see the status of it
  • Epson printer setup process is effortless when you follow the right procedure. Before connecting the Epson to the wifi network you have to connect it first to the PC.

Epson Printer Setup

You can follow the steps below to make the Epson printer to connect to Windows. You have to ensure if the product is set up with a wireless connection mentioned below.

To check the ‘start here’ sheet you have to go to the Epson sheet page and choose the product. You have to select from the manual and then press ‘start here’.

  • The Epson connect printer setup utility has to be downloaded and setup
  • Agree to the agreement of End-user and then you have to click next
  • Press install and then finish
  • Choose the product and then tap ‘Next’
  • Opt printer registration and then press ‘Next’
  • Choose Agree and then tap ‘Next’
  • Have a look at the ‘Register a printer to Epson connect Text‘ and tap OK
  • You have to do one of the below
    • If you are creating an account you have to fill in the ‘Create an Epson Connect Account form‘ and then tap Finish
    • If you are performing a new product registration with an account you already have then you have to select ‘I already have an account’. Fill in the details of ‘Add new printer‘ form and tap ‘Add’.
    • Tap ‘close’

To know more about how to connect Epson printer to wifi setup, visit our site Epson Printer Support or call us @ +1-855-687-1040.

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