How to Download and Install Epson Printer Driver?

If you have brought a new Epson printer then it will definitely require Epson driver download for performing your printer tasks well. One way to get it is explained here. The Epson printer driver download process is easy to perform because they are available on the Epson official site for free. The steps may change and that depends on the operating system and the printer model you use. You have will to follow separate procedures. Follow the steps here to download the Epson printer driver for your computer.

Epson Driver Download
Epson Driver Download

Follow the Procedure for Epson Printer Driver Download

  • Click here to go and open the Epson page
  • Once the Epson homepage is open you have to click the support option in the top of the page
  • Scroll and come down to Find your model
  • Key in the name and the serial number of the Epson printer and press Search
  • Here is a tip. The webpage will show one or more printer driver matches. Press on the right product from the list of the alternatives then tap click Search
  • If your product does not appear when you input it then check if you have not wrongly entered the product name or number
  • Verify if the product is supported or not. Because sometimes the driver’s inbox can be obtained for your printer product so the download options will not be provided in the site for it
  • Here the drivers and manual section will display below
  • The webpage will recognize the operating system instantly
  • If the operating system displayed here is not right then you can wish to search for software for another operating system. Press the drop-down menu and choose the one you like
  • Choose the software you prefer to install
  • To continue press on the download button near the file you want to download
  • The software will begin to download now
  • If you are prompted Hit Run to start the installation process
  • Once the file downloads its ready to install
  • You have to follow the onscreen instructions to install the software

Sometimes the Epson software can contain viruses and errors but the files from this official site are a reliable one than other sites. You would have seen that there are two sections in the Epson site one is manuals and documentation and another is drivers and software. Consequently, Drivers and software contain these products in it.

Product setup

Get the Epson product setup software for the easy installation of the printer essentials. This setup will contain everything you will require to use the Epson product. During the process of installation, the installer will install and download the new driver software for the Epson product. It will consist of printer drivers, network wifi drivers, and scanner drivers and software. You can set up the product on windows and mac. If the Epson product setup tool is not applicable for the printer then continue with next.


If the product setup tool is not there for your product then you can download and install all the things in the heading. The following things are needed to use the product with the computer.

Printers – Download and install the driver

Scanners – It requires you to download and install the Epson scan

All-in-ones – Download Epson scan and driver. Get the Epson scan before everything.

Creativity software, ICC profiles, other software

It contains the optional utilities and files that support you to get more benefit from your product.

Network utilities

Get the network utility if the Epson product setup tool is not applicable for your printer. If you do not do this                then your product will lack the functionality when it is used in the network


It is a kind of software that works in the printer, scanner, and other products. It will manage the work performance and the user interface. The updates in the firmware are important for the better performance of the printer. There will be guides also for Epson printer driver download.

Manuals and Documentation

You will be able to get the access product guides in downloadable manuals in this option. In has the guides such as network guide and User’s Guide. You can refer to the manuals in this section for Epson printer procedures.

To get more information about Epson printer driver download you can visit our site Epson Printer Support or contact our toll-free number +1-855-687-1040.

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